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   Take a look through our site to learn more about edge burnishing tips & techniques, understand how it works and purchase a burnisher for yourself. 

All of our cocobolo and felt leather burnishers are hand turned by Ed Stiles.  Our leatherworking maul handles are hand turned by Beary LaBarre, Ed "the Bearman", and Ed Stiles seasoned  woodturners with years of experience at the lathe.  Just drop us a note with your request and we'll be happy to discuss the available options. For inquiries please send all correspondence to  

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Latest News & Updates:

- Now introducing Felt Burnishers for Hand Drills!
cocobolo leather burnisher for dremels was built specifically to address leather burnishing education and our leather
edge burnishing tools.  You can rest assured that the burnishers sold here are the same hand crafted, quality products previously featured on and

A proud member/supporter of and a member of the International Internet Leatherworkers Guild
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